Welcome to the:
Christian Common-Law Government
for Planet Earth

"Court of Law: ... in a narrower sense,
a court proceeding according to the rules of the common law
and governed by its rules and principles."  Black’s Law Dictionary ; 5th Edition,
1979, West Pub. Co., St Paul Minn.


The above Twelve Geographical Jurisdictional Districts are Each Sovereign Self-Governing Entities,
each of which will Select Their Own Leader from these Planetary political-subdivisions.
Here-under, each such Jurisdictional Leader will function as a "Supreme-Court Juror/Judge"
for the Entire Government of this Planet, all in full accord with the traditional/Constitutional
"Rules of the Common-Law", & "Due Process of Law".
Each such Supreme-Court Juror/Judge Shall be Oath-Bound to Refuse to
Implement any Policy with-out the "Unanimous" Approval from
All of the Leaders of each of the above shown Twelve Planetary Jurisdictional Districts.
Readers can (soon) mouse-click on any one of the above twelve areas, to be directed to
another web page dedicated to judicially organizing soveregn self-governance under that jurisdiction.
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